Roger Market is the author of Life on Other Moons. He also occasionally writes book and movie reviews, dabbles in screenwriting, and helps produce independent shorts and feature films.

Roger currently resides with his partner in Glenn Dale, Maryland, but is originally from a small Indiana town.

Life on Other Moons

The last woman on Earth is long dead. The moon has just broken in two.

In the aftermath of both events, the male survivors are left behind to question love, masculinity, and fate. How do they go on without women? What’s the point? What does it mean to exist in this strange new universe, which seems to be breaking down? This short story, “Stopping to Talk to Porch Lights When the Moon Is Not Enough,” is just the beginning of Life on Other Moons

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Please note that this edition of Life on Other Moons was a limited edition paperback, signed by Roger Market, sold exclusively at this website. It’s no longer available, but the book can be downloaded as a FREE e-book at Amazon and other retailers.