Life on Other Moons, a collection of short stories by Roger Market; paperback

Because Life on Other Moons is a self-published book, you’ll unfortunately find errors in it. But I blame this mostly on the fact that it was my first book and it was published in a whirlwind (three months to write, edit, copyedit, and design; about two weeks to deal with printers and proofs). No matter how the errors occurred, they did, so I’ve started a corrections page to point out errors as they are found. I’ve corrected these mistakes in the e-book edition (now available at Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, and other major retailers).

Please let me know via e-mail if you find an error. However, note that certain so-called errors may instead be style choices. These will mostly be issues of comma usage or abbreviation. While I try to use the Chicago Manual of Style for much of my copyediting, there are instances where I have to make an exception based on my own writing aesthetics  You’ll probably find that I’ve done that throughout the book.


Corrections to “King Henry on a Porch Swing”

  • The title for the fifth story is “King Henry on a Porch Swing,” not “King Henry on a Porchswing.” The last word should be two words.

Corrections to “Life on Other Moons”

  • On page 58, paragraph 3, sentence 3, “down comes to it” should be “comes down to it.” The order of the words “down” and “comes” is wrong.

Corrections to “Love the Shoes”

  • In the fourth paragraph, near the end, the phrase “he didn’t blamed him” should be “he didn’t blame him.” The verb blame is past tense (wrong) instead of present tense (correct).

Corrections to “Home on the Moon”

  • U.S. involvement in Vietnam ended in 1973. I mistakenly referenced 1974 at the beginning of this story; that date should be 1972 instead.


Again, if you spot an error, send me an e-mail. If it is indeed an error, I’ll post it here with the correction.

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